Sunbeds & Tanning

Our sunbeds are high-powered with extra facial tubes which ensure you get a quick even tan. We provide goggles and towels and all sunbeds are cleans after each use so you can tan on our beds knowing that they are of a high hygienic standard. We also issue loyalty cards so after 9 sessions you get 6 minutes FREE!


Fair skin3 - 6 mins
Medium skin6 - 9 mins
Dark skin9 -12 mins
3 mins


6 mins


9 mins


12 mins


15 mins



Whatever your skin type, we recommend that you build your tan up slowly to prevent burning and to ensure you get a long lasting tan. We have tan accelerators that allow you to get a tan quicker, reducing the time you spend on the sunbed and keeping your skin moisturised. Our tan accelerators are available in tubes.